8 Benefits of Training At Home


At least 30 minutes of physical activity a day can save lives, according to at least one study. And while each minute of any movement counts for your body, committing to a consistent fitness routine is the key to healthy living. The irony is that when life itself gets too busy, sweat sessions are usually the first thing we sacrifice.

If that news makes you shake your head at this typical, heard-it-a-million-times news, we get it. But what’s the solution? Home sweet home! At-home workouts increased in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and even with widespread availability of effective vaccines, people are not in a rush to return to gyms and fitness studios. Working out at home turned out to be super convenient, and no less effective.  

Here, we’ve rounded up eight major benefits of exercising at home that can help you maintain your regular fitness routine with ease.

1.   It saves time.  

It’s much easier to fit an at-home workout into a tight schedule. There’s no need to spend energy on packing your bag, driving to the gym, finding a parking spot, changing in the locker room, and all of the other tasks that keep you from your workout. In most cases, all you need is to enter the designated room, press play, and start sweating. Your commute time is literally a few seconds!

2.   It’s flexible.   

At home, you can exercise anytime and choose the workouts you feel like doing at that exact moment. Gym hours and fitness class schedules won’t limit your intentions. You can break your workout up and complete it in shifts, or even accomplish several workouts in a day. Just fifteen minutes of strength, five minutes of HIIT, and ten minutes of a yoga cooldown and boom – and your minimum daily goal is achieved.

Plus, you can bring your workouts outdoors, to a balcony, lawn, or nearby park, to breathe in the fresh air and increase your Vitamin D levels. 

3.   You’re in charge.

In your home gym, you choose the music, the décor, the temperature, and the activities. Listen to your favorite song as many times as you want and sing along loud and proud. Improvise and mix up your workout routine with different fitness styles to keep your muscles challenged. No fancy shoes or leggings are required. Zero makeup and messy hair are no problem at all. With no external distractions to take the focus away from your workout, you’ll be able to dig deeper than before and totally nail it. 

4.   Your workout, your pace.

A home workout doesn’t have a start and end time. There’s no pressure to keep up with those around you or push yourself beyond what’s comfortable. If you need to pause for a drink of water, you can literally pause the workout and not miss any moves. No one’s toe-tapping nearby waiting for you to finish your reps so they can use your machine. Rushing through a workout can slow down your results and cause injury, and at home, you have the freedom to work out based on your ability and goals.

5.   It’s private.

At home, you can really get into your workout without worrying about other people around to judge how you move your body, your fitness level, or anything else. No need to worry about awkward sweat showing through your t-shirt. Every new “unattractive” move can be done without fear. Plus, you’re safe from making any demotivating comparisons to other people you might see in a group class or the weight room. Just do your best, stay focused on your goals, and forget the rest.

6.   It’s sanitary.

Avoiding germs and bacteria has gone to a whole new level, thanks to COVID-19, but exercising at home keeps the risks at bay. You don’t have to worry if the last person who touched your gear washed their hands or whose sweat remains on the machine you’re going to use. Also, working out increases oxygen exchange, which puts you at higher risk of infections when you’re training in a crowded room. And of course, cleansing your body in your own shower using your own beauty products is an undeniably huge benefit, too.

7.   It saves money.  

Gym memberships aren’t cheap; you have to pay for membership plus gas, parking, and other hidden expenses that can pop up. The great news is that you don’t need gym machinery to get serious results. Getting equipped with an exercise mat, set of dumbbells, barbell, stability ball, and a couple of resistance bands will unlock nearly unlimited opportunities. It’s a one-time investment for the long run that will not cost you a fortune.

There are plenty of online workout videos to follow. For expert-led workouts, try Daily Burn – a yearly membership provides access to 50+ workout programs and 2900+ workout videos on demand at an extremely affordable price.

8.   It limits excuses.

It’s never too cold or rainy outside to exercise at home. When the day gets hectic, it’s not so hard to find a few minutes to move your body since your gym is just two steps away. When stressed or tired, practice a relaxing yoga flow. If you’re feeling down, go with dance cardio to cheer up. It doesn’t matter what time it is, what you are wearing, or who’s watching. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and get healthy!

Safety Tips When Working Out At Home

Besides the benefits of training at home, there are also some hazards to watch out for to keep your fitness routine safe. Ellen Barrett, Daily Burn trainer, points out four things you need to pay attention to:

·  Do what you can to prevent your kids and pets from sabotaging your at-home workout. For example, you may get knocked over by your dog while holding a yoga pose.

·  Be sure there’s ample workout space by clearing away furniture. The corner of your coffee table can hurt, and that ceiling fan may prevent you from fully reaching overhead. 

·  Take the time to tie your hair back, put on proper footwear, and secure your mat. A gentle yoga class in your pajamas is fine, but more vigorous flows can cause your mat to slide and even cause injury as a result.

·  Don’t jump into a workout late, having missed the warm-up. And the same goes for cool-down – stay focused to the end. A workout is like a rollercoaster ride, and you wouldn’t get on or off a moving rollercoaster. 

With just a few easy safety measures in place, the rest is your house, your rules. 

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