Beyond Weight Loss, Experts Exposed Ozempic’s Weird Side Effects! 

Beyond Weight Loss, Experts Exposed Ozempic's Weird Side Effects. Credit | Getty Images
Beyond Weight Loss, Experts Exposed Ozempic's Weird Side Effects. Credit | Getty Images

United States: The action mechanism of Ozempic and other similar drugs affects the brain and impacts the feeling of hunger. Whilst Ozempic has been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) for patients with type 2 diabetes and is not just for weight loss, it has been used as a weight loss aid by people worldwide. 

However, among many users, there are a host of side effects reported, such as Ozempic face” hollowed-out cheeks, and “Ozempic babies,” kids who were conceived for mothers who had problems becoming pregnant before. 

Experts have been giving detailed explanations of each of the side effects: 


Northwell Health Clinical Assistant Professor, OB/GYN Department and Director of Obesity Medicine, South Shore University Hospital, Dr. Iman Saleh, said, “The faces are saggy, they lose their fat content in their face, there are increased wrinkles,” as PEOPLE reported. 

She continued, “Some people look a little bit more aged,” and “People have noticed that there’s more hollowing around their eyes because of the loss of the texture or the fat content that is in the face.” 

“So someone that’s losing anywhere from 10 to 15 pounds over a few months versus someone that’s going to be losing 100 pounds, the person that has a slower weight loss during that course of time will probably less likely have Ozempic face,” she added. 

Beyond Weight Loss, Experts Exposed Ozempic's Weird Side Effects. Credit | Shutterstock
Beyond Weight Loss, Experts Exposed Ozempic’s Weird Side Effects. Credit | Shutterstock


Just like Ozempic face, a shrinking and sagging of the breasts comes with the territory of rapid weight loss. 

According to PEOPLE reports, Saleh said, “People who have had weight-loss surgeries will have the same effect. So, it’s not the medications itself that are causing this,” 

Hence, “It’s the rapid weight loss that is occurring with the use of these medications that are giving those the Ozempic face and the Ozempic breast and the Ozempic butt.” 


Saleh explained, “It’s basically just the sagging of the skin at the level of the buttocks because you’re losing that fat, and the skin is not taking its time to kind of readjust itself to the new norm.” 

“That’s where they’re losing their contour and having those saggy butts.” 

But there are ways to avoid these side effects, Saleh said to PEOPLE. 

Moreover, “Increase of protein in their diet is very important. Increase of exercise, resistance bands,” she says. “In terms of the buttocks, [do] more squats, more to increase muscle to compensate really for the fat loss.” 


According to PEOPLE reports, those women who were struggling to conceive had suddenly become pregnant once they started the course of Ozempic drug. 

Dr. Saleh explained, “Our fat cells produce estrogen and estrogen can have a negative effect on our ovaries in terms of decreased or dysfunction of ovulation. It can also have negative effects on our endometrial lining.” 

However, the expert also added that the drug must not be used as an aid to raise fertility as it may raise complications in women as well as in the child. 

Therefore, “it is recommended to discontinue Wegovy in women at least two months before a planned pregnancy due to the long washout period for semaglutide,” Saleh added. 


Some experts suggest that Ozempic may increase anxiety or reduce libido levels in some users. 

Dr. Steven Batash, board-certified gastroenterologist and weight-loss expert at Batash Endoscopic Weight Loss, stated, “GLP-1s like Ozempic specifically decrease the amount of dopamine the brain releases after people indulge in behaviors like drinking, smoking or even eating a sweet dessert,” as PEOPLE reported. 

And, “Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that ‘reinforces the pleasure’ of doing those activities.” he tells PEOPLE. “When GLP-1s take away that pleasure, they also eliminate the motivation to do those activities.” 


As Saleh stated, “Ozempic rebound is them stopping the medication and then getting back to where they were in terms of cravings, in terms of the amount of food.” 

And, “These medications work in terms of suppressing and decreasing the intake, right? Right. So when you take them away, if a patient has not fully learned how to do a lifestyle modifications with physical activity, it is very easy for them to gain the weight back.”