Colorectal Cancer Alert: A Silent Killer Among Young Americans shocks medical experts!

Deaths by colorectal cancer among young Americans
Deaths by colorectal cancer among young Americans. Credit | Stock Adobe

United States: A surprising fact has come to light upon the study of new data by health experts that, among all the deaths caused by cancer among those below 55 years of age, colorectal cancer has been the biggest killer.

Diagnosis in younger people are rising

According to experts’ opinions, the number of early diagnoses among young people is on the rise at an alarming rate, while older audiences are seeing a drop in their own terms. Regardless, the explanation behind such behavior is still beyond the understanding of the experts.

To take as an example, Karissa Rund, 31 years old, has been diagnosed with stage-four colorectal cancer.

Rund stated, “I’m over eight years in, and I’ve had nine surgeries, four or so years of chemo over that time, and more suffering than I could ever explain to anybody,” as reported.

She now has the mission to raise awareness among other young people.

She added, “Young people should be aware and willing to go to their doctor and figure out what’s going on.”

Colorectal Cancer Cases in the US in 2024

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According to the projection of the American Cancer Society, about 150000 individuals are expected to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the year 2024.

Dr. Christopher Lieu, a GI Medical Oncologist at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, stated, “This is really becoming the number one cancer-related issue in our younger population,” as reported.

He said that these symptoms are signs of colorectal cancer, such as blood presence in stool, sudden weight loss, ache in the stomach, or changes observed in the bowels.

What should be done to prevent/ treat the symptoms?

Moreover, according to the experts, those with an average risk should start screening at age 45, although if there is an enormous chance of the risk or symptoms, one should start sooner.

Dr. Lieu stated, “If you are age 45 or older, talk to your primary care provider about what the best screening test is for colorectal cancer, know your family history, do not ignore warning signs, and again, just have that great relationship with your primary care provider to make sure, hey, if any of these symptoms come up, do not ignore it. You are never too young to have colorectal cancer,” as reported.

Experts point out that colonoscopy is a golden standard for screening. On the other hand many other tests may be available that are stool-based, and noninvasive so they can be done by yourself.