Controversial Ketamine drug – side-effects overshadowing few known benefits! Know more

Ketamine, famous for curing depression and other mental disorders
Ketamine, famous for curing depression and other mental disorders. Credit | Getty images

United States: The much sought-after drug – Ketamine is now the top choice among celebrities, the wealthiest people, and even ordinary patients who all believe it has the power to cure depression and other mental disorders.

But it is also a drug to which a person can develop a dangerous addiction, and it can be deadly in certain circumstances, as per the experts.

Advertisement of the drug needs regulation

Visual Representation | Credit : Getty images

Therefore, as a result, Ketamine is the newest headache for Meta, Facebook’s parent company, which for a long has tried to monitor posts and ads marketing a range of healthcare products, including problematic weight loss supplements and shady COVID-19 therapies.

However, advertisements and posts of Ketamine are permitted by Meta with or without reproves that the drug is dangerous, as reported by CBS News.

Likewise, other internet ad networks are also making efforts to have the balance.

However, Google stated that in case Ketamine is used as a prescription drug, such cases, it can be advertised only if it is part of a prescription and part of a certified provider offering third-party oversight.

Moreover, there can be no reference to how Ketamine makes a person feel, i.e., advertisers can’t promote “highs.”

TikTok also, in principle, forbids the promotion of unauthorized pharmacies or dispensaries, as well as advertising that features prescription drug abuse.

More about Ketamine

Visual Representation – Liquid and Powder Ketamine. Credit | Getty images

Liquid and powder Ketamine started out as an anesthetic drug and later became the most abused one owing to the fact that they have the capacity to alter people’s perceptions and sense of reality,

FDA gave its approval as an anesthetic, but certain variations of it serve as prescription drugs; they are administered to the depressed in strict compliance with medical supervisory standards, as CBS News reported.

It has been regulated under the Controlled Substances Act as a Schedule 3 non-narcotic drug and has been seen to create a dependency, particularly for those individuals with a history of addiction to other drugs.

However, researchers are intrigued by another aspect of Ketamine: its psychotropic properties, known as mind-changing, and can have potential therapeutic benefits.

The autopsy findings about the famous actor

The final autopsy review by the Department of Medical Examiner in Los Angeles County confirmed that Ketamine, a sedative, was present in the actor Matthew Perry due to which he was under the infusion of a therapy that is actually intended to treat his anxiety and depression as the main CBS News reported.

Additionally, it was recorded that the number of suicides and fatalities increased by 80% in 2021 compared to the year before in a study.